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"I am a    Luxury Bridal Makeup Artist  with over a decade in the Wedding Industry working with hundreds of brides across the North of England.


Glowy skin, full brows and great lashes is my thing. Using my extensive product knowledge and artistic skills I am able to help brides get the transformation they want on their wedding day. By finding out what each bride's unique confidence booster is, whether that's flawless ethereal skin, a smokey eye or sexy wing liner - that is my passion. Effortless makeup that is never try hard, just super beautiful makeup to enhance.

I still feel the exciting buzz on my way to a wedding, and completely thrive off the chaos of a busy morning bringing my experience, skills and calming presence to the room! I truly love my job, my artistry and getting to work every day with amazing brides is a dream come true."


Penelope James Logos UPDATED-01.png

I am also the founder of Penelope James, a Luxury Bridal Wear brand.


Over the years I noticed the lack of elegant  options for brides to wear on their wedding morning. Paired with the throw away nature of such items that are usually worn once and never again;    I designed  a  collection   inspired by my brides   that will  be loved on the wedding and long after the celebrations.


Timeless pieces designed by me and made  in the North  of England. Heirloom pieces for your special day that can be enjoyed  and reworn  for  years to come....Click below to   find out more.


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