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A bold Lip on your wedding Day - Here's what to consider.

I love a good neutral pink nude, but I will always have a place in my heart for those brides who choose to rock a bold lip on their wedding day. For those with deeper skin tones and dark hair it really looks stunning. It looks equally amazing on blondes who want that old Hollywood glam for their wedding day.

Reds or bold colours aren't for everyone and it wouldn't be something I'd recommend trying out as a new look on your wedding day if you don't usually wear it.

However for those that do and choose a bold lip there's a few things to consider before committing. It will need looking after more than a nude or pink lip. Nobody wants a red smudged lips on there wedding photos!! So you need to be happy to keep it looking pristine for the rest of the day, crisps lines are important so carrying a sharp lip liner and lipstick in your chosen shade is highly recommended to keep it looking fresh.

As a Makeup Artist I have techniques to ensure longevity but once I've left and sent you down the aisle its over to you to keep it in perfect condition. It's a wedding so of course there is lots of eating, drinking and all that kissing going on! A straw is your best friend, and a matte long wear formula is best, I personally would not recommend a glossy red for a wedding day.

Check out some of my amazing brides who choose to wear a bolder lip for their wedding day!

If a bold lip is your thing you should definitely go for it on your special day if you are happy with a little bit more upkeep it soo worth it! There's a red for everyone and that's something to discuss at your trial where we can look at your undertones.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you with your bridal look please drop me a comment/email I would be happy to help!

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