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I love a good neutral pink nude, but I will always have a place in my heart for those brides who choose to rock a bold lip on their wedding day. For those with deeper skin tones and dark hair it really looks stunning. It looks equally amazing on blondes who want that old Hollywood glam for their wedding day.

Reds or bold colours aren't for everyone and it wouldn't be something I'd recommend trying out as a new look on your wedding day if you don't usually wear it.

However for those that do and choose a bold lip there's a few things to consider before committing. It will need looking after more than a nude or pink lip. Nobody wants a red smudged lips on there wedding photos!! So you need to be happy to keep it looking pristine for the rest of the day, crisps lines are important so carrying a sharp lip liner and lipstick in your chosen shade is highly recommended to keep it looking fresh.

As a Makeup Artist I have techniques to ensure longevity but once I've left and sent you down the aisle its over to you to keep it in perfect condition. It's a wedding so of course there is lots of eating, drinking and all that kissing going on! A straw is your best friend, and a matte long wear formula is best, I personally would not recommend a glossy red for a wedding day.

Check out some of my amazing brides who choose to wear a bolder lip for their wedding day!

If a bold lip is your thing you should definitely go for it on your special day if you are happy with a little bit more upkeep it soo worth it! There's a red for everyone and that's something to discuss at your trial where we can look at your undertones.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you with your bridal look please drop me a comment/email I would be happy to help!

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So you are prepping for your Bridal Trial with your Makeup Artist and you need to decide what look to go for on the big day! There are so many options and possibilities out there I know it can be overwhelming, let me help you narrow down the search! Here's my 5 Top Tips for finding the perfect Bridal Makeup Inspo!


Pinterest is obviously the perfect starting point. There is a huge amount of inspiration for every part of your wedding and a great place to save all your dream wedding inspiration on in neat little boards including your bridal makeup. There are some really beautiful makeup looks on there however it's always worth remember that lots of these looks are heavily filtered, so look out for the ones where you can see skin texture for a true representation of what makeup can do. Lots of looks that a very heavy photograph well but you might not want that much coverage in real life. In person if could feel quite alot so you need to figure out what your are comfortable with. Texture and pores are real everyone has it and no makeup cannot remove these completely like a filter can!

Pinterest is a search engine for images, so be specific with your search terms. Just searching "Bridal Makeup" is too broad of a search it will bring up so many search results and you might struggle to find something you like! Think of a good descriptive search to narrow down your search.

What to Search

I bet you're thinking but I don't know what I want yet!? How do I know where to start what shall I search for? I 'd recommend looking at images of brides with similar hair colour and skin tone to yourself. It sounds obvious but is a great starting point if you've got no idea where to begin. You can then see from there what you like and don't. Another thing you could look at is the style of your overall day. Is it boho, classic, no makeup, makeup or hollywood glam?

Red Carpet Looks

One of my favourite places to look for my own inspiration is on the Red Carpet. Check out your fave celebs Red Carpet glam looks, a lot of these translate beautifully to Bridal Makeup. (Maybe not from the Met Gala though!)

Your Makeup Artist's Instagram

When you choose your wedding suppliers hopefully it is because you love what they do! Their Instagram or portfolio should have a whole range of different looks to choose from. You will see real brides with real results. You can also save your favourites into a folder on your Instagram to pull up at your trial...there's nothing nicer for a Makeup Artist when you come to your trial with photos of their own work as your inspiration!

Your Camera Roll

Yes, I mean it! Find your favourite selfie or a photo where you loved how you felt at a certain event and look at how you had your makeup, this will give you a really good indication of what to go for on your wedding day. You need to feel amazing and confident, but most importantly like yourself. A wedding is not the day to try a bold new look. You want to feel and look like yourself just on your best day ever!

I hope these tips have been helpful to you on your journey to finding your perfect Makeup Look! Follow me on Instagram at @lauramacmakeup to see more of my own bridal work and bridal makeup tips or sign up to my blog for regular bridal beauty tips!

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Hello Makeup Lovers and Brides to Be!

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I'm Laura a Bridal Makeup Artist with a decade of experience working with hundreds of amazing brides over that time all over the North of England. I offer a luxury professional service to brides looking for modern bridal makeup that is tailored to their unique needs.

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